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Schrauben Sie den kleinen Hebebühnen


Spezifikationen 1.Cost ist 20% ~ 40% niedriger als traditionelle
2. Es dauert eine Woche für die Installation.
3.stable laufen
5.lower Lärm


OTSE screw lifting series products is low pit, low top-level, no room. Widely used in public facilities which is small Loading and low travel height. it is the best  transportation for the old man, the patient and  the action inconvenience to upstairs.


Compared with tractional elevators , the advantage for screw elevator are as following

1. Cost is 20%~40% lower than that of traditional lift
2. It takes one week for installation.
3. It is unnecessary for hoist way construction
4. Hoist way space is 1.5*1.6, unnecessary for hoist way and machine room.
5. Aluminum alloy glass hoist way ,with the effect of sightseeing lift
6. Its screw and nut have self-locking function
7. It is widely used in drawing without reserved pit, hoist way and machine room. It is more suitable for the installed drawing without reserved pit, hoist way and machine room ,drawing with reserved hoist way itself may also be installed.

Load 400kg 250kg
Rated speed ≤0.15m/s ≤0.15m/s
Lift height 12m 12
Max stops 4 stops 4 stops
Rated  No. 5persons 3persons
Hositway size 1500mm*1600mm 1400mm*1450mm
Door open size 900mm*2000mm 800mm*2000mm
Platform size 900mm*1420mm 800mm*1270mm
Main control panel CPM2B CPM2B

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